Got Wind? Make Music!

exploring the sounds of the wind

The Caning Shop

A great source for gourd crafting supplies. The owner, Jim Widess, is the author of several books, including Making Gourd Musical Instruments, which includes a chapter on kite whistles.

Ciel Libre (Free Sky)

Didier Ferment's site for creative kites, aeolian instruments, and other designs. Most of the site is French, but some of the plans are in English (though the translations can leave many unanswered questions.)

Uli Wahl's Kite and Musical Instrument's Site

This is the mega-site on aeolian instruments. Basically an encyclopedia of kite and aeolian instruments from around the world, their history, the science and musicology involved, sound clips, and lots of links to additional resources. The site is in German and English, but the links could be to sites in any variety of languages.

Botronics: This guy takes aeolian stuff to a more high-tech sphere.!/ and

Bruno Tondellier

Mostly in French.

Robert Valkenburgh

Parts in English. Pictures of his many, many creations.

Jean-Paul Richon

Lots of different creations here.

Traveling through Missouri?

We bought some great gourds from Ernie and Sharon Walther near Booneville.    It is a little difficult to find their farm and you should probably call ahead to make sure they are home.
11500 Blackbird Lane
Booneville, MO 65223